Bown Crossing

Bown Crossing


3065 S Bown Way
Boise, ID 83706

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Meet Our Massage Therapists in Boise, ID

At Elements Massage Bown Crossing, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Aubrey | Licensed Massage Therapist - Level 3+

Joined Elements Team: August 2013

Tight neck and shoulders? Call for Aubrey! This area is her specialty and she'll leave you feeling soft and loose. Deep tissue and Swedish are her favorites, but remember her name for Prenatal Massage as well!

Aubrey is a graduate of the Massage...

Brenda | Licensed Massage Therapist ~ Level 3

Joined Elements Team: February 2016

Helping and Healing.

These are the two words we hear most when clients describe Brenda!  She sees herself as someone who is here to assist in your therapeutic well being.

Brenda graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy, and specializes...

Chrys | Licensed Massage Therapist - Level 3

Joined Elements Team: May 2015

 Chrys is the Go To Gal for the R&R your body is begging for! A graduate of the Apollo College Massage Therapy Program, Chrys has honed her skills in general relaxation. She can put not only your muscles at ease, but your mind as well. 


Cortni | Licensed Massage Therapist - Level 4

Joined Elements Team: Elements Team Members since March 2018

Cortni studied massage at the Milan Institute in Visalia, California.  She has continuing education in cupping, ethics, aromatherapy, salt stone, and hot stone massage with her favorite enhancements to preform being aromatherapy and cupping. Cortni...

Gretchen | Licensed Massage Therapist- Level 3

Joined Elements Team: January 2013

Gretchen is our most seasoned therapist. Over the years she has felt an enhancement in her sense of compassion and empathy for each person she lays her hands upon. She has a Certificate in Massage Therapy from both Idaho School of Massage Therapy...

Holly | Licensed Massage Therapist- Level 3

Joined Elements Team: January 2015

Are you looking for some VIBRANCY in your massage? You're wanting an exhilarating experience - one that is provided by a therapist who easily achieves results and is endlessly seeking knowledge? 

We have the one for you!

Her name is Holly and...

Kat | Licensed Massage Therapist - Level 3

Joined Elements Team: March 2015

Are you wanting an informative, thorough, and solution oriented massage? KAT is here to resolve the issues that are causing your physical pain. Having attended the College of Massage Therapy at Bingham Memorial Hospital, Kat has extensive knowledge of...

Keith | Licensed Massage Therapist ~ Level 4

Joined Elements Team: October 2015

Taking a more holistic approach to healing is our fantastic massage teammate, Keith! Keith obtained his certification in El Paso, but he has been on a life long journey of healing since childhood. He has immersed himself in the healing industry in...

Kelsey | Licensed Massage Therapist - Level 3

Joined Elements Team: December 2014

Kelsey is a firm believer in slowing down and listening to the body.

Kelsey is a graduate of Milan Institute. Her favorite massage modalities are Swedish and Sports, and she tends to gravitate toward the neck and shoulders, as well as hands and...

Keri | Licensed Massage Therapist ~ Level 4

Joined Elements Team: September 2015

The body and mind are connected, and Keri will show you what this means.

Keri attended massage school in Hawaii in 2010, has extensive training in structural integration and focuses her massage on anatomical balance. She works magic! Keri has the...

Madeline | Licensed Massage Therapist -Level 2+

Joined Elements Team: Elements Team Member since November 2018

Madeline attended the Oregon School of Massage and has completed continuing education in Swedish, Reiki, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology.  Her favorite enhancement to perform is a 90 minute Himalayan Salt Stone massage....

Rose | Licensed Massage Therapist ~Level 3~

Joined Elements Team: October 2017

Are you in need of great pressure,technique, and experience but also seeking immense stress relief? Rose is the one for you.
Rose has been practicing for twenty years now. After graduating from a Eugene massage school she became licensed...

Shelley | Licensed Massage Therapist ~ Level 2~

Joined Elements Team: September 2016

For a truly relaxing massage, schedule your massage with Shelley! Her sensitivity to your pain and physical concerns is what helps her to address your therapeutic needs.

Shelley has studied Myoskeletal Alignment as well as Active Isolated...