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Increase Flexibility with Therapeutic Massage

Jul 30, 2015 Health

You do not have to be an athlete to realize that being flexible is a necessary part of life. Think about the aches and pains and the grunts and moans as you live your life. If it seems that these grunts and groans are coming more and more often, you might want to think about therapeutic massage as a natural way to help improve your flexibility and overall health.  Life...

7 Tips to Stay Cool During Hot Summer Nights

Jul 30, 2015 Health

As we move through July, temperatures are starting to reach scorching levels that can make for some uncomfortable nights. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep because you're too hot. Lack of sleep is never a good thing for your physical or mental health. Yes, you could simply open the window, but we all know, sometimes the breeze just isn’t...

5 Benefits of Massage and Swimming

Jul 16, 2015 Health

Swimming is perhaps one of the great full-body workouts for any fitness level. It is the perfect combination of muscle and cardio conditioning. Plus, in the summer it provides an excellent way to stay cool. Did you know that massage therapy can play a significant role in your swimming technique as well as in helping your muscles recover after a swim?  Increased Range...

4 Ways to Have a Stress Free Vacation

Jul 8, 2015 Health

For many people, the highlight of their year is the summer vacation. Spending much needed time with loved ones and visiting places that get crossed off bucket lists. Whether you’re sitting on a beach, on an adventure or unplugged in some far off place — it should be the most relaxing, stress free time of the year.  Unfortunately, there can be a ton of stress...

Give Dad the Gift of Relaxation

Jun 25, 2015 Health

Father’s Day is upon us, and the options for a great Dad gift are endless. There’s a tie, coffee mug, perhaps a nice bottle of his favorite drink. Instead of repeating the past, why not get him the gift of relaxation and a therapeutic massage from Elements Massage™? There are many ways a therapeutic massage can be beneficial for a father and men over 40.  Get...

The Elements Promise™ Guarantees Your Satisfaction

Jun 18, 2015 Health

Promise. It is a word that should never be taken lightly; you’re giving your word. Elements Massage™ has long been rated as providing the industry’s top massage, so it is only fitting that they created The Elements Promise™. A promise that states if we do not provide a massage that meet or exceeds your expectations, the next one is on us. Have you ever...

Cure Summer's Aches & Pains With Therapeutic Massage

Jun 11, 2015 Health

It is only natural that we are more active in the summer than in the winter months. The sun is shining, the weather is enjoyable and we are simply more prone to getting out of the house. It is as if our bodies come out of hibernation. It does not mean that you have to run a marathon — if you do, great — but if not, summer activity can mean just simply walking more,...

5 Summer Recipes for Healthy Skin

May 26, 2015 Health

Summer is fast approaching, and I am sure you have outdoor fun planned.  Protecting your skin is more important than ever. Sunscreen adds protection from the outside in, but what about the inside out? Did you know that there are certain foods and vitamins that can help protect your skin from the inside out? Here are five recipes that will help provide protection as well...

Tips to Decrease Recovery Time after Running

May 19, 2015 Health

There’s no question that running is an incredible exercise for both your mind and your body. However, running can be pretty tough on your body. Here are some running recovery tips that will help you prepare for and recover from your run.   Recovery Begins Before Your Run  Eat light and healthy. Try something that your body can quickly absorb. Bananas,...

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

May 12, 2015 Health

Having a child is one of the greatest joys in life. However, before you meet the bundle of joy, your body and your mind will go on a nine-month roller coaster ride of change. Alone from the physical change there’s the exhaustion and emotional change that comes with being pregnant. Prenatal massage can be excellent for you and the baby.  Stress Relief  Having...

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