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Preston | Light to Firm Pressure

Available Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Education: FLSM and Cornell University
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Scalp/Face, Chest, and Back
Specialties: Connective Tissue Therapy (slower paced and deep in effect), Integrative Swedish (flecks of other modalities incorporated throughout).
Favorite Quote: "Today, everything I see, hear, say, do, and feel comes to conscious memory by desire."


"The massage was incredible, and I can't wait to go back again." - C.W.

"I've got to admit the reason why I return to this specific location is only because of Preston. You can find the same ambiance at another location since they are a chain but you can't have Preston. I live in South Denver and I travel all the way North to request Preston. His technique and massages are the best I have experienced and don't come close to the higher end massages you find at resorts or hotels. His hands are a true gift.

If you are looking for an incredible massage in the area come here and request Preston. You won't be disappointed!" - S.P.

Approach to Massage: Almost like using reverse psychology but on muscles. I approach with a light touch allowing the muscle relax so I can sink in deeper. This method takes some time but I would prefer to take the time and base my pressure off what I feel in the muscle and allow it to set the pace and depth (more tension = slow down and ease in). The muscle then moves me along rather than me trying to force it. With the slower pace, my sessions are generally more relaxing and with the intent of lasting structural change on a couple of extremely focused areas in a session. With this work, it is common to get referral sensations elsewhere in the body, muscle twitching, enter a quasi-dreaming state, etc.

In regards to firmer pressure - combating the muscle with firm pressure causes it to engage in its stretch reflex which tenses up the muscle in resistance rather than relaxation. Granted, firmer pressure feels good, but this is essentially testing your pain threshold for a short term effect rather than allowing your muscle to truly release.

With that said, I don't mind using a Swedish approach with some pressure up to a certain point. If you want someone to dig into you with firmer pressure another therapist might be a better choice. (The upper back between the shoulder blades is where I am most comfortable doing my firmest pressure work.)

Similarly, if you are looking for a full body in a 60 minute session, I do not mind accommodating because just having all areas touched into and flushed can be beneficial and feel good. However, please understand there is essentially no time to focus on any specific area for any meaningful structural effect. For that, I would recommend a 90 minute or 2 hour session.

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