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How Does Massage Boost Your Immunity?

How Does Massage Boost Your Immunity?

In the past several years, massage has gotten the reputation for helping people boost their immune system, and avoid many of the small colds and flus that come through each year during the fall and winter months.  While anecdotally we believe that massage boosts your immune system, is there science behind that claim that massage helps your immune system fight things off?  Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center conducted a study to find out what happens to your body during and after a massage

  • Increase in White Blood Cells:  researchers found that people who received a 45 minute massage saw an increase in white blood cells, which are vital in helping people fight off disease in general, not just small colds or flus. 
  • Reduced Cytokines:  people also had lower levels of cytokines, which are molecules that can increase inflammation in the body.  Anyone who is experiencing inflammation is much more susceptible to illness of any kind.
  • Hormone Levels:  participants also had a lower level of cortisol, a stress hormone, after the massage.  Anyone who has high levels of cortisol is much more likely to suffer from disease of all kind.

This study proved that not only does massage boost your immune system in the short term, it can also have an effect on your long-term health, and your body’s ability to stay healthy.  Of course there are many factors that can play into this, however, massage is one way to keep yourself healthy, happy and less stressed.

Call us today to experience the health benefits of massage at our introductory rate of $59.  At Elements Massage Westminster, we look forward to helping you have a healthier winter!  Call us today at 303.450.3033 or email us at info@elementsmassagewestminster.com to schedule your appointment.

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