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Different Types of Massage & The Benefits of Each

Different Types of Massage & The Benefits of Each

When we get new clients into the Elements Massage studio, they often assume that all massage styles are the same, and the assumption is that they are similar to the Swedish technique.  However, there are various massage styles that provide different benefits.  Here are a few that we offer:

  • Swedish Massage:  Swedish massage is a full-body technique that is designed to relax the muscles and joints.  This is a great massage for people who are new to massage, or who are truly looking to relax for an hour.  The benefits are reduced stress, increased blood flow, increased immune function and better sleep at night. Adding aromatherapy to this style of massage can also enhance your experience and the benefits after the massage.
  • Sports Massage:  This is an ideal massage for athletes (whether professional or amateur) who are dealing with injury, range of movement issues or quality of posture problems.  Many of us in Colorado are very active, and could benefit from the recovery provided by a good sports massage.  Although you will feel some of the benefits of a Swedish massage such as relaxation and better sleep, this massage will focus on helping your body recover from whatever activity you participate in (running, hiking, biking, etc), or even to prepare for an event such as a marathon.  Some of the benefits of sports massage include reducing muscle tension, improving soft tissue function and increasing range of motion.
  • Hot Stone Massage:  Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are placed on specific parts of a client’s body.  These stones are heated to a comfortable temperature, and increase the physical and psychological benefits of the massage itself.  The benefits themselves include increased muscle relaxation and decreased pain.  Because the stones are heated, they can often penetrate the muscles more deeply than a Swedish massage, and provide greater pain relief to those suffering from injury or particularly sore muscles.

Please be sure to ask your therapist which technique is best for you, and we encourage our clients and members to discover which technique works best for them.  Paying attention to how you feel after a massage is over, and in the days directly after a massage is a good way to determine which technique works best for you.  Feel free to ask questions when you book your next massage with us – call today at 303.450.3033 to book your next appointment. 

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