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Taking Time Out

Taking Time Out

Liz Garrison, LMT

Do you keep going and going until you hit the wall? Work, kids, spouse and work again? Take time out for yourself with regular activities such as massage, yoga, and trips to the gym. They keep you healthy and active. Plus they keep the feel good hormones going.

Most people accumulate stress from daily activities. They keep going and crash in the evening just before going to bed only to get less sleep than necessary and get up and go all over again. The stress builds and builds until it results in illness or that “hit the wall” feeling. Combine that will less than healthy eating habits and “on the go” junk food and it spells a recipe for disaster.

Reserving just an hour a day for you can help curb this cycle. Do something good for you; something you enjoy. Block out the distractions of the day. Make an appointment with yourself to keep yourself from getting sick. If working out is work for you, consider walking the dog, reading a good book, drinking a glass of wine, or cooking a healthy meal for you and your family. The time you spend on yourself will allow you to attack the day stronger and get more done in the long run without running out of gas.

Consider massage for a weekly time out. Elements in Plano can help. We offer an introductory 55 minute massage for $49 and the ultimate relaxation 110 minute massage for $89. Call us at 972-248-3001 today!

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