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Meet Jakob Torres: Therapist Highlight

Meet Jakob Torres: Therapist Highlight

Liz Garrison, LMT

Meet Jakob. His is a well requested massage therapist here at Elements. So get to know a little more about him before you request your massage with him. Here is how he answered my questions:

1. At what point did you decide to become a massage therapist and why?

It was mostly on a whim when I made my entrance to Massage Therapy. At the time I was 19, working a call center, and not yet again ready for the full academic load at college - I'd burnt myself out having gone directly from high school to college without any time in between. I decided to request some information regarding Massage Therapy programs from local schools in my area, within two days I had a few bites on my line. A few weeks later, after having toured a few facilities,I felt MT was something I wanted to pursue and did. I immediately resonated with Anatomy/Physiology and as I gained more knowledge about the human body, my liking for Massage Therapy was nurtured into a passion.

2. What modality is your favorite

Honestly, Swedish! It is the fundamental basis for all massage and the root of healing for this therapy. While other modalities and techniques are as equally beneficial a solid foundation in the basics is key and it will teach you the language of the body.

3. Tell me about a situation in which you helped a client the most.

I've had a few clients end up on my table at their wit's end over what to do about their pains/injuries. So much so, that had they never come in for massage, more drastic measures would have been the alternative, such a surgery. To take a client in severe pain who is looking to surgery to help relieve it to a pain free state is a task with more rewards than simply healing them of pain.

4. What do you like best about working at Elements?

The continued nurturing of the therapeutic aspect of massage and not simply the relaxation aspect.

5. What are your hobbies?

Reading, gardening, camping/hiking. I'm a big fan of nature and natural wonders.

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