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How Chair Massage and Express Massage Can Help

How Chair Massage and Express Massage Can Help

Elements Massage

Do you travel a lot or sit for long hours at work? Do you think you do not have time for a regular massage or miss some of your monthly massages do to work trips or soccer season?

Chair massage is a quick and easy way to have a quick, stubborn knot taken out or relax while at the airport or during a long road trip. Because chair massage is clothed, it can be done almost anywhere, from farmer’s markets to health fairs and even more commonly at work.

Even a quick chair massage can help you get going from a long week or a long week ahead. In an article by Andrea Cespedes on, she references Dr. Tiffany Field at the University of Miami who finds that in just 10 minutes, blood pressure and heart rate decrease from a simple massage.

An alternate to a chair massage is a 30 minute Express massage. They are sometimes easier to find than a chair massage and it too gets you in and out and offers the same benefits. You can always ask for a 30 minute massage at your local massage studio. Your massage therapist will usually ask you to limit your massage to the places that bother you the most such as back, neck and shoulders.

Here are 10 reasons to a quick massage when you cannot find time for the regular one:

1-Relieves tension and stress

2-Helps with a little low back and shoulder pain

3-Can treat carpal tunnel and neck tension

4-Quickly creates a tranquil environment for a little rest time

5-Increases positive feelings

6-Cost is affordable enough to get in addition to regular massage

7-Something to look forward to when the pressure is on

8-Keeps you going for the long haul

9-Generates increased focus

10-Increases productivity

If you are in the Dallas area, your local Elements Massage at West Plano can help. They offer an Express 30 minute massage for $39 to get you going between your regular sessions.

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