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To undress or not to undress, that is the question

To undress or not to undress, that is the question

Aaron L., Lead Therapist

I've been getting massages for a while now and I've always been yo embarrassed to ask, what does "Undress to your comfort level" mean? I usually just take off my shirt and pants. Is this ok or am I doing something wrong?


Undress to your comfort level means just that. We want you to be comfortable. We can work through sheets, blankets, shirts, socks, pants and underwear. You name it. We have no issue with getting the job done, it's just more important that you are comfortable. The more you are comfortable the more you'll be able to relax and the deeper and better the massage will end up being. The more the muscles relax the further we are able to help in making sure that they are where we want them to be and not where they end up causing us pain. If you are comfortable being completely nude that works as well. We are able to use more lotion/oil and make sure that we can glide from one area to the next and not cause any pinching or drag on the skin, but again it is up to you. It always will be.


Mentioning "undress to your comfort level" is to reassure you as the client that you are in charge of your massage. You call the shots and let us know what you want. We may make recommendations as to what we believe the issue is and what we think needs to be done to relax the area(s). But if that doesn't go along with what you wanted by all means tell us. I go to the extreme in telling my clients that, if they would like, I'll spend the entire time on their ears. Just to demonstrate that everything done should be something you want done. If it's not please tell us as soon as possible. The sooner we know the quicker we can adjust and make you that much happier. We want you leaving feeling like you got what you wanted every minute of your service. I hope this helped and have a great week!

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