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The Elements Massage: A Customized Plan for Wellness.

The Elements Massage: A Customized Plan for Wellness.

Shannon K., lmt addit. content by Raymond S.

What sets Elements Massage apart from the rest of the industry? We follow a Service Path that is different than other studios you may have visited. We want to make sure you get the best massage that is customized to you. We want you to know that the music, lights and table heat are adjustable so that if something is bothering you during your massage we will gladly adjust that for you. Maybe the light is glaring in your eyes, music sounds too soft or too loud, the table is too hot or you are feeling cold, please let us know so we can adjust that. We also like to check in about pressure from time to time to make sure things aren’t too light or too deep.

Before turning over, are there any areas you feel need more attention? And at the end of your massage what is the last area you would like worked on? Please don’t hesitate to communicate with your therapist any of your needs, we are here to give you the best massage we can. We take a lot of care into planning what we feel our clients need or would like during their massage. When you visit continuously we enjoy seeing you and truly look forward to your visits. When you don't make an appointment we hope you are well and we truly miss seeing you in the studio.

If you would like to talk during your massage, great! If you would like the room to just be silent so you can relax easier, that is wonderful too! It is also good to let us know if we are missing an area that is bothering you, or if we just came across a tender area you weren’t aware of and at that moment feel is too sensitive to be worked on. Ask questions if you don’t understand why we worked in one area longer than others. Your treatment plan is yours.

We love to educate our clients on our vast knowledge of the anatomy of muscles. It is our passion to share what we know with you and to give you options into what techniques we can use during your next massage. If you don’t understand a technique such as Trigger Point or Myofascial Release and would like to try those modalities please communicate your interest. We LOVE when our clients show interest into what we are doing.

The more we know about you, the more we can understand your muscles and make a plan for you that works within your lifestyle. What do you do for a living? Do you sit a lot? Do you stand often? Do you do a lot of physical labor such as lifting? How often do you feel you can come back for a massage or afford massage? We can see what repetitive actions you make by feeling your muscles. It helps us to understand your lifestyle so we may suggest adjustments to your posture to help prevent muscle tension or to aid in achieving your wellness goals.

We will ask you questions as we go along, but please also let us know what you have in mind as well. I hope you enjoy your next massage at Elements and don’t forget you can also upgrade to add aromatherapy or hot stone massage.

The Elements Way is designed to provide you with a customized massage and treatment plan. Our goal is to help you achieve your wellness goals whether you have had massage your entire life or are coming in to our studio for your very first session. Our Wellness Program is designed to provide you with the opportunity to feel better and step closer to optimal health and wellness. Please call our studio today @ 414.455.2715 to enroll in the Wellness Program!

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