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Physical response during massage is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Physical response during massage is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Aaron L., Lead LMT

Recently a client wrote:
I am pretty new to massage and have had some wonderful experiences, but every once in a while I'll get the urge to pass gas and have done so with great embarrassment. I have also been getting massaged and had the therapist tickle me and I sort of jerk on the table. They always ask if everything is ok and if the pressure is good, but I'm usually too embarrassed to say anything, but "FINE!". Im wondering if there is anything I'm doing wrong or if there is something I could be doing.

I'm glad to hear, even with your few snafus, that you've had some wonderful experiences. That's what massage is all about! The urge to pass gas is perfectly natural and healthy. We get a lot of stuff moving around during a massage and holding in gas can cause discomfort and end up taking away from the overall experience. I get it though. Passing gas can be embarrassing. Every therapist has had it happen to them more than once. Its fun to joke about it and laugh it off. No other thought is necessary. Pass it, laugh, say excuse me, and enjoy the rest of your massage. Nothing else that can be done at that point.

As for the tickling. Every once and a while muscles will get so tight that when we go to work them we end up causing the nerve endings to over react and ot feels like your being tickled. If you let the therapist know they can adjust the pressure, angle, even the speed of which they work the muscle to get it to relax. The sooner you say something the sooner we can adjust to make the experience that much better. 

You are doing nothing wrong at all, just make sure you talk with your therapist even if you might be embarrassed. You might be surprised at their response. I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy the rest of your massage without worry, just relaxing.

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