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Muscles: they're all connected.

Muscles: they're all connected.

MacKenzie M., lmt

Connective Tissue Release (CTR) is such an easy way to get deep within the muscle while avoiding the use of firm/deep pressure, such as a Deep Tissue massage. This technique helps break up restriction found within the muscle, and reduce any restriction due to scar tissue build-up. 

CTR seems to be very helpful for clients suffering with chronic pain, typically used on the neck and shoulders. CTR can also help muscle flexibility, lengthen short, tight muscles that may be contributing to the client's pain. This type of technique does not require lubrication, the release of the tight muscle can feel relaxing but can be a very intense feeling for some clients. CTR should not cause any pain.

This can seem like a very slow process, depending on what technique your therapist uses.  However, this gives the therapist more time to really get deep within the layers of the muscle they are targeting. 

The therapist should be checking in with you periodically as they know some areas can be very tender. Overall, this technique holds many benefits that include, better posture, balance, movement, and relaxation. 

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