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Massage while buzzed?

Massage while buzzed?

Aaron, Lead Therapist

Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions about whether or not one should drink alcoholic beverages before or after their massage session. While alcohol in moderation isn't necessarily bad for you, it can have some impact on your body after a massage and can be detrimental before one. Like with any massage you want to flush out your system, meaning your body, and that becomes hard to do when you're zapping the water out of your system with alcohol. 


I would never drink anything before a massage. It can dull the senses and cause you to leave feeling pain as opposed to relief. The nerve endings which are usually awake and lively, can become numbed with alcohol consumption causing you to not feel the amount of pressure being given. During a massage, this can be dangerous and cause more problems than help. 


While it is nice to enjoy a frosty beverage after a massage it can lead to dehydration, cramping, even increased soreness, in excess amounts. If you're smart and pace yourself, while also drinking water, you'll be just fine. For some there is nothing more relaxing than a nice glass of wine, frosty beer, or mixed drink at the end of their day. As always drink responsibly. 

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