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How Many Therapists Does It Take To Make A Wellness Plan?

How Many Therapists Does It Take To Make A Wellness Plan?

Rob D., lmt; edited by Raymond S.

A question that can come up during the course of a massage treatment plan is "should I dedicate myself to one therapist or multiple?"

The one-therapist approach has many positives as an approach to wellness. Seeing one therapist consistently allows the therapist to evaluate you at the beginning of each session compared to where they left off at the end of your last massage. The therapist is able to make superb recommendations due to their familiarity with your body and recovery time. Another positive to staying with a regular therapist is it allows you to build rapport and comfort with the therapist, so perhaps, you may relax further then with a new therapist. This freedom to relax may allow for better results.

While the one-therapist approach can be a big positive, the multiple-therapist approach does have some advantages as well. Since each therapist is genuinely inclined to be more knowledgeable about particular muscles and conditions they are predisposed to they may be able to address a particular problem better than perhaps another therapist. So having a multiple-therapist approach can help you if, say you have one therapist that you see after a good run for fantastic leg work, and you have another therapist you see when you notice yourself stressed and clinching your teeth. You may also have a therapist that you specifically go to when your low back acts up or when you need very firm pressure.

While the benefits of both approaches can be seen, it is ultimately up to you to decide in which way you'd like to engage. Either way, committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle and sticking to a treatment plan is the best way to approach massage!


Editor's note: Therapists at Elements Massage take detailed notes after each massage. If you prefer the multiple-therapist approach rest assured that all therapists you work with are well aware of your personal concerns and needs.  

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