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Fun and Interesting Facts

Fun and Interesting Facts

Aja R, lmt; edited by Raymond S.

about massage and the human body...


Fact 1: Massage is regarded to be one of the oldest health care services known to man.

Fact 2: Whenever anyone receives a massage the body release endorphins which are natural pain killers. This is one of the major reasons massage may be so effective for depression, anxiety and many other mental illnesses.

Fact 3: There are around 5 million touch receptors in our skin, 3,000 of which are on our finger tips.

Fact 4: A 60 minute massage is equivalent to about 7-8 hours of sleep to your body.

Fact 5: Touch is the first feeling we develop in the human body and the last to fade away.

Fact 6: Julius Cesar used massage as a cure for epilepsy. 

Fact 7: We have anywhere from 640 skeletal muscles in the human body.

Fact 8: To become a Licensed Massage Therapist we spend thousands on schooling in order to be licensed and legal to work.

Fact 9: Not everyone has a first rib or a Xiphoid process ( bottom point of the sternum).

Fact 10: If you have sciatic never pain you defiantly need your Piriformis worked on.

Fact 11: Massage may help headaches. Often times headaches are caused by tense muscles or a build up of pressure.

Fact 12: You may benefit to drink extra water after a massage to flush out any toxins that were moved around throughout your body.

Fact 13: You may benefit by seeing a massage therapist and/or a PT for several weeks-months before considering surgery.

Fact 14: Massage therapists are not miracle workers, if you want to feel improvements that last, you must come in more than once a year!!!

Fact 15: The Rotator Cuff is a group of 4 muscles and the most frequently injured one is the Subscapularis muscle.

Fact 16: The Carpal Tunnel is actually a tunnel that several tendons namely the flexor group of the forearm and the median nerve pass through.

Fact 17: Every single person that has a jaw has a TMJ = Temporal Mandibular Joint. Not everyone has TMJD= Temporal mandibular joint disorder. 

Cautionary Fact: You should not receive a massage when you have blood clots, if one were to dislodge it could go to your heart and kill you.


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