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Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Massage

Shannon K., LMT

There are many benefits to getting a professional, therapeutic massage.  Massage can help people both physically and emotionally by utilizing different techniques to manipulate muscle tissue.  Massage can also alleviate body aches and pains to prevent a lot of typical wear and tear on the body.  Many common ailments massage therapists help alleviate include sciatica pain, numbness in the arms and hands, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, shin splints, lower back pain, upper back pain, headaches, plantar fasciitis, whiplash, tight shoulders, break up scar tissue, and much more. 

Physically, massage can improve blood and lymph circulation in the body, which, in turn, can also improve the immune system.  Massage can also loosen muscles, increase range of motion, and align the body for better posture which helps reduce stress on joints and overworked muscles.  Massage therapists are trained to notice posture deviations and know which muscles can be pulling your body in certain directions that will cause pain and discomfort.  For example, someone with upper back pain, who has rounded shoulders (or a hunched upper back), would indicate to a massage therapist that muscles are pulling the shoulders and neck forward.  The massage therapist uses this information to target the pectoral muscles, front of the neck and loosen the scapula to allow the muscles to move more freely. 

Massage therapists use a lot of information to customize each client’s massage such as the client’s daily activities.  Massage therapists know where all the muscles are in your body, what action the muscle performs, where the muscle starts and ends and how to access them, so this type of information is important for the massage therapist to be able to understand what is causing certain muscles to tense up. The massage therapist can then educate you on how to prevent body aches from happening in the future.  If, for example, you work at a desk, you lift a lot at your job, you are very active in the gym, or wear high heels, etc., you should inform your massage therapist so he or she can target the specific areas of your body that are being overworked.  

Emotionally, massage is relaxing!  It can relieve anxiety and depression, increase work productivity, improve quality of sleep, help you feel more confident about your body and relieve stress!  Much like meditation, you have an hour dedicated to calming your body and focusing only on relaxation.  Allowing yourself to let go of your tension is very freeing to the mind! 

Massage therapists continue their education throughout their careers in order to better serve you, the client!  Massage therapists want to help you achieve your wellness goals and can create a treatment plan for you involving varied frequencies of massages based upon your individual needs and progress with maintenance massages once your wellness objectives are achieved!  And at Elements Massage – West Allis, we do exactly that!  We help you achieve your wellness goals through customized massage. 

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