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Elements Massage 5519 NW Expressway
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5519 NW Expressway
Warr Acres, OK 73132

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 12pm - 5pm

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Words of Wellness / Health

words of wellness words over nature landscape

Nov 20, 2013 Health

Regular massage therapy has many health benefits such as boosting your immune system and raising mood-elevating brain chemicals. Here at Elements Therapeutic Massage Warr Acres, we make staying healthy easy and enjoyable for you, your family and your friends with The Elements Wellness Program. $30 savings on every massage Purchase gift cards at Wellness Program rates Membership-only...

Apr 28, 2013 Health

Your New Year’s resolutions may be taking a back seat now that it has been a few months since the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve and the hustle and bustle of your daily life has taken over full speed. But before you give up on fulfilling your resolutions and reverting back to your same old habits, take a minute today to reconsider your New Year’s goals and decide...

Jan 26, 2013 Health

5 Ways to have a healthy romantic dinner, whether you're cooking in or eating out.

Elements Therapeutic Massage Jan 13, 2013 Health

As old man winter blows in dry, cold weather this time of year, your hands and feet may be suffering from dry conditions, irritated skin and stiff muscle aches. Your hands and feet can really take a beating throughout the course of your busy life, but especially during the winter season, making this time of the year the best season to give your hands and feet the attention they...

Elements Therapeutic Massage Aug 23, 2012 Health

The following tips demonstrate massage techniques that alleviate neck and lower back pain caused my common summer activities.

Tobi Brock Jul 4, 2012 Health

Sports massage therapy has become increasingly popular among athletes. With golf season in full swing, the following tips offer ways to enhance your golf game through massage.

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