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You’re Sick-Should You Get A Massage?

You’re Sick-Should You Get A Massage?

Elements Massage

It’s that time of year, when the temperature drops, and nearly everyone you know, including you, gets sick! Your body went through a roller coaster this past month with the temperatures reaching arctic cold levels, then coming back up to the 50’s; rain, sleet, sun, and in between all of this you had holiday stress, end-of-year stress, and general life stress to deal with! With these elements working against you, it’s no wonder you’re now down for the count. But does that mean you must cancel your relaxing massage appointment?


In one word, yes. When your body is trying to fight off a flu or cold, or even if you have just a slight fever, massage can actually work adversely and slow down your recovery time. How? The immune system exists to protect our bodies against millions of potentially harmful organisms every nanosecond, and is constantly on alert to attack at the first sign of invasion. If you’re healthy, massage works quite well with your immune system; boosting its abilities, increasing the movement of fluid, improving blood circulation and the circulation of vitamins and minerals. Massage also stimulates the lymphatic system by improving the circulation of lymphocytes which are responsible for destroying harmful substances in our bodies.


However, when you’re sick, a massage’s winning way of circulating all that good stuff in your body will work against you by circulating the bad stuff too. Your immune system is working hard to get rid of the invaders; a massage will only exasperate symptoms by spreading the illness faster through your body, flooding it with infection and increasing recovery time.


If that’s not enough, coming in for a massage while sick also puts your Massage Therapist at risk. For many others, working while down with a cold or flu is ok, but a Massage Therapist cannot and should not work until they are better.


Do yourself and your Massage Therapist a favor and wait four to five days after the symptoms have appeared, however, be aware that it is possible to feel like you’re having a relapse the day after the massage. The fluid circulation because of your massage will make you feel similar aches and weakness.


It’s not all bad though! There are illnesses that can benefit from massage. If you don’t have a cold or flu, but are suffering from other illnesses, discuss your upcoming massage appointment with your doctor. Ask if they recommend a massage and whether it would be safe to receive one.


Our core concern and focus is your overall health and doing our part to uplift it. Taking good care of yourself and giving your body the rest it needs is best before coming in again for a massage. When you’re ready, and feeling more like yourself again, call us and make your appointment. We will be waiting!

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