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Why Your First Massage Should be a Swedish Massage

Why Your First Massage Should be a Swedish Massage

Close your eyes and imagine you're getting a massage. The type that comes to most people's heads (at least in the U.S. and Europe), is Swedish, the recommended massage for anyone's first time coming in. For this massage, you should feel relaxed and at ease afterwards. Because you have a better idea of what to expect, it will also help you decide whether hiring a certain masseuse was a good idea. We want you to have an enjoyable first massage experience, and a Swedish massage is a great choice to start. Here's why:

Reduce Anxiety

Getting your first massage or a massage at a new place may cause a lot of anxiety. Most people on their first time are nervous and some are self-conscious about being in a towel with a stranger. The body builds up a lot of nerves, and the best solution is to go with a massage that is supposed to ease tension.

Swedish massage uses long strokes to relax the top layer of muscle. It improves circulation and moves toxins out of your body, relieving stress. Swedish massage is supposed to be painless and will leave you relaxed and invigorated afterwards. It increases blood flow, loosening the muscles and ligaments. For anyone entering a massage routine, it's perfect for getting comfortable and for getting a feel on how it is supposed to work.

Build Trust

Starting with a basic massage like Swedish will be a first step in establishing a trusting relationship between the masseuse and the client. For any other massage, you run the risk of thinking "am I supposed to feel this because it's a different massage or is it the masseuse?" which is not a comfortable situation to be in on your first time.

A Swedish Massage Might be all Your Body Needs

Other, more complicated western styles are typically based on Swedish massage as a foundation. Deep tissue is the second most popular alternative, but it serves a different purpose. While Swedish massage is for relaxing, deep tissue is more for people experiencing chronic pain in a specific muscle group.

If you want a massage that's for relaxing and general stress, Swedish is the way to go. Of course, if you do experience chronic pain or need something closer to massage therapy, then talk to us, and we'll figure out what's right for you!

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