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Why Aromatherapy and Massage Are a Match Made in Heaven

Why Aromatherapy and Massage Are a Match Made in Heaven

Many think that essential oils are used to help the patient relax during a massage, and while that is true, the role of essential oils provide much more value. Essential oils are plant and herb molecules condensed tightly into an oil. Different plants and herbs with varying medicinal qualities join together to create the perfect massage oil. We have three expertly crafted oil blends to suit your needs.


One of the most common uses of essential oils is for relaxation. Lavender is one of the most powerful relaxants in the natural world, and has been used to relieve anxiety all over the world for centuries. Nutmeg and black pepper also have medicinal qualities that, when combined with lavender, create the ideal calming blend.


The calming blend is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing massage. If you use massage for stress relief, this blend is for you.


Some people are so anxious and stressed that they need to relax. Others might be on the opposite end of the spectrum, where they’re so tired and fatigued that they need a massage to energize them. Aromatherapy can take that energizing agent to the next step.


Our energizing blend is made of lemon, ginger, and geranium. These ingredients alone fight fatigue, insomnia, while still easing stress. They also have excellent healing properties, and can even give a boost to your immune system.


This blend is all about total relaxation and pain relief. Eucalyptus is traditionally used for pain, deep breathing, reducing inflammation, and other medicinal purposes. Our Refresh Blend mixes eucalyptus with peppermint and patchouli, which both also contain healing, and anti-inflammatory agents to create the fullest relaxation possible.


This massage is great with something deeper and more medicinal. If you have back pain or an athletic injury, or just want a deep tissue massage, this oil blend will take your massage experience to the next level, and will leave you with less pain, less inflammation, and fuller breathing.


Essential oils and massage alone are great for handling all of these problems. When combined, they create something new and beautiful. It’s no longer a massage but a full body experience.

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