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Three Unexpected Benefits of a Massage

Three Unexpected Benefits of a Massage


People get massages for all sorts of reasons. Some people get one to relax and take care of stress, or to help with back pain. Some even get a massage to help their immune system, feel more energized, and be more rested. The benefits of a massage are enormous and cover almost every part of the body. Here are three unexpected benefits of a massage.

A Massage Can Help You Fight Insomnia

That’s right, a massage can help you fall asleep at night! The way it works is that when toxins gather on your connective tissue, they create stress and aggression which both keep you from falling asleep. A good massage will guide those toxins away, and replace them with healing biochemicals. Among them is serotonin, the chemical that makes you want to sleep.

Prevent a Cold or Flu

A massage can also help you fight virus and bacteria infections by boosting your immune system. As we said before, these toxins gather around your connective tissue and are flushed out during a massage. Along with Serotonin, a variety of white blood cells are also flushed back in, and your entire bloodstream is invigorated, giving a major boost to your entire immune system.

Improve Your Mental Health

These toxins that are flushed out of your system in a massage can do major damage not just to yourself physically, but mentally as well. These toxins help promote anxiety and even depression when allowed to fester. A massage will likely not cure something like Bipolar disorder but can be an amazing benefit to make a mental illness - like a physical illness - easier to bear.

If you’re feeling any sort of pain, having trouble sleeping, feeling stress or anxious, overwhelmed, overworked, fatigued, or anything, a massage can help.

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