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Three AromaRitual Massages to Buy for Your Partner

Three AromaRitual Massages to Buy for Your Partner


Valentine’s day is coming soon and that means you need to find your partner a gift! (Or if your single, a gift for yourself! You deserve it!) While you obviously know that there’s no better gift than a gift certificate from Elements massage, there’s still the question of what type of massage to get them.

The answer is clear, AromaRitual.

AromaRitual is more than a massage, it’s an experience that combines aromatherapy with Swedish Massage to create the ultimate relaxing environment. All of your senses are eased in this beautiful, relaxing environment you can’t get anywhere.

AromaRitual uses essential oils to take your massage to the next level. Essential oils can add more value to a massage than you may expect. Different plants and herbs with varying medicinal qualities join together to create the perfect massage oil. We have three expertly crafted oil blends to suite your needs.


Our Refresh Blend mixes eucalyptus with peppermint and patchouli, which both also contain healing, and anti-inflammatory agents to create the fullest relaxation possible.

This massage is great with something deeper and more medicinal. If you have back pain or an athletic injury, or just want a deep tissue massage, this oil blend will take your massage experience to the next level, and will leave you or your partner with less pain, less inflammation, and fuller breathing.


Lavender is one of the most powerful relaxants in the natural world, and has been used to relieve anxiety for centuries. It pairs beautifully with nutmeg and black pepper to create a blend that will calm every individual nerve until you are fully, and completely relaxed.

Chances are, your partner needs some nice calming time. Why not give them an experience that will make ease all of their worries?


Or perhaps your partner is so tired and overworked. They might need a pick-me-up. That’s why we have our energize blend.

Our energizing blend is made of lemon, ginger, and geranium. These ingredients alone fight fatigue, insomnia, while still easing stress. They also have excellent healing properties, and can even give a boost to your immune system.

Wouldn’t you want to be the person that helps your partner melts all their worries and get them happy and ready to spend more quality time with you?

It hurts to see your loved on in pain, stress, or fatigue. Here’s an opportunity to not only make them feel better, but feel really grateful for having you as their partner.

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