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Thinking of Getting a Hot Stone Massage? Here's Everything You Need to Know!

Thinking of Getting a Hot Stone Massage? Here's Everything You Need to Know!

Hot Stone massage is one of the most relaxing forms of massage one can get. What makes it so relaxing? Why does it work so well? Today we're going to explore with you the origins, techniques, and benefits of a Hot Stone massage. Without further introduction, let's dive right in.


Hot Stone Massage is as old as written civilization. It is believed to have originated in Ancient China, although evidence shows that Hot Stone was used for medicinal purposes throughout ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, India and so on. It was widespread throughout the ancient world.

Of course, the way we do Hot Stone is different today. Back then it varied widely between different cultures and practices.

The practice fell into history and was soon forgotten. Until someone from Phoenix Arizona brought it back in 1993. Her name is Mary Nelson.

And when she brought it back, it became a global phenomenon. Now we're back to the ancient era where Hot Stone is being used for therapy all over the world!

How it Works

Before the session, basalt stones are heated to 125-135 degrees before the appointment. The stones are then used as an extension of the arms. It includes the usual techniques of Swedish Massage, such as tapotement or effleurage, or petrissage.

The heat from the stones would loosen the muscles, allowing the masseuse to dive deeper into the massage without adding pain. The loose muscles also increase circulation, which rejuvenates the entire body and creates plenty of benefits.


Here is why Hot Stone Massage is so effective:

  • most relaxing massage
  • increase circulation
  • help with pain
  • help with sleep
  • best healing and nurturing massage therapy around

Hot Stone is the most relaxing massage out there. If you're feeling stressed, tired, like you're wound up, or even having trouble sleeping, a Hot Stone massage will help!

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