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The Medical Benefits of a Massage

The Medical Benefits of a Massage


When you hear about getting a massage, chances are you instantly think of something akin to a spa. Relaxation and stress relief are certainly important reasons to get a massage, but did you know that you get a host of medical benefits as well?

Give Your Immune System a Boost

A proper massage flushes out the toxins that gather in your body, usually around the fascia, or small connective tissue. When the masseuse targets the fascia, those gathered toxins are pushed away and move through the bloodstream until they are out of your body.


In turn, this technique creates a vacuum which sends blood cells rushing in. Among those blood cells is an increase in white blood cells that fight disease and illnesses such as the cold or flu. In this way, a massage can directly boost your immune system!

Better Sleep

One other health benefit is that a massage can help you sleep better. One reason why is because of the level of relaxation you get from flushing the toxins out of your body combined with the energy you get from increased blood flow creates a better functioning circadian rhythm. Your body is better suited to send out the proper hormones at the right time.

Treat Physical and Mental injuries and illnesses

A good deep tissue massage is known to help with all sorts of injuries such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, along with any inflammation in the muscle. Massage is proven to help with physical injuries, and it helps with mental illnesses as well.

Among the toxins that gather in the fascia are ones that promote feelings of anxiety, stress, and aggression. A good massage literally washes these symptoms out of your body, and in turn, part of the increased blood flow includes more positive biochemicals which are known to fight depression, elevate your mood, and return your body to a proper hormonal balance.

If you have a symptom that’s fighting to stay, consider getting a massage. You may be surprised at how beneficial one is to your body.

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