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The Calming Power of Swedish Massage

The Calming Power of Swedish Massage


Swedish massage (called traditional massage in Europe) is one of the most powerful relaxants we humans know. The magic of a traditional massage cannot be understated. It heals your mind, your body, your brain, your muscles, everything.


We deeply appreciate the power of massage and what it can do for you. It goes beyond a traditional spa pampering, it treats you to your core.


So what makes massage so special? Where does the magic come from? We’re going to dive in and explore calming power of Swedish Massage.


What Makes Your Muscles so Relaxed?


Massage is all about gathering the tension in your body and making it relaxed, wherever it may be. Few treatments have as thorough a result as Swedish massage.


Our expert massage therapists find all the spots where toxins gather in your body. Biochemicals which lump around joints and fascia, causing tightness and pain to occur. They form in lumps and create enough tenseness that your muscles become hard and stiff.


Then our expert massage therapist will use a range of techniques to create warmth and friction. This will cause the toxins and your muscles to loosen up and break up that lump of tenseness that’s been gathering in that spot. Then they guide the toxins away from the body by helping your blood flow through those areas and let them carry off the painful biochemicals and replace them with healing biochemicals.


What Makes You Feel so Relaxed?


Massage isn’t just about physical healing, it also is great for your mental health.


Your brain gets tired processing all this tensity and pain from your muscles, which usually come from stress in the first place. High amounts of stress create the toxins which tighten your muscles, causing irritation that builds up even more stress. Thus you have a system where stress and anxiety builds on itself, and will continue to get worse until you do something about it.


Massage doesn’t just get rid of toxins. It also flushes in healing chemicals. These chemicals are your body’s natural way of creating a sense of relaxation and energy at the same time. Helping you feel both calm and rejuvenated. The toxins that build up your stress are flushed away, and instead you feel like everything is right with your body, and your brain is relieved with all those stressors out of the way.


Swedish massage is about holistic relaxation. It goes deeper than bringing you a slight calm. Instead, it immerses you in a relaxants that makes you feel completely renewed.

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