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The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage


There is nothing quite like getting a good massage in the winter. Stress is usually more persistent this time of year and the lack of vitamin D from the sun doesn’t help either. That’s why January and February are months where you need a massage to feel relaxed and restored. You can take it to the next step with a hot stone massage.

Our hot stones are heated to 125-135 degrees (Fahrenheit) and we warm you up with some good old Swedish massage. Then we use the hot stones as an extension of our hand to give you the most rejuvenating experience possible. Here are a few benefits of hot stone.

Relieve Pain and Tension

Hot stone is one of the most effective massages for relieving pain and tension. If you’re worried that a Swedish massage will not be enough, that you will need something extra, then a hot stone is the perfect next step.


Hot stone works by removing the dead skin cells that pile on your body and replacing it with a layer of new dead skin cells. Combined with increased blood flow, it is perfect for relieving pain and the heat is perfect releasing tension.

Access Deeper Muscle Layers

Muscles become more relaxed with heat. When muscles are more relaxed, tension decreases and the massage therapist can dig deeper into those deeper muscle layer without needing extra effort. Hot stone can be great for when you need something closer to deep tissue massage, but not that intense and without pain.

Encourage More Blood Flow

And of course, the added heat also encourages blood flow. Removing dead skin cells and putting heat on the new layer will necessitate more blood to flow. It’s right at the point where you may be relaxed, but your body is speeding things up just in case the heat gets worse and you get an injury. You know that these hot stones are not going to turn into a fire, but your brain will still trigger that response.

The added blood flow then makes your body more alert, more energized, and it will work to heal and flush any toxins in your back.

Hot stone massage is one of the best experiences you can have. Give your body the relaxation, healing, and care it deserves.

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