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122 Maple Avenue West
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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
24-Hour Cancellation Policy

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The 5 Techniques of Swedish Massage

The 5 Techniques of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, also known as “classic massage” in Europe and other parts of the world, is the traditional massage most people in the U.S. get. It’s unique in that its techniques follow a specific order.

This massage does more than leave you relaxed. Athletes find Swedish massage to be useful for keeping their muscles relaxed and preventing injury.

Swedish massage is also known to heal joint pain and improve blood circulation.

What are the techniques used in Swedish massage, and what do they do? Today we’re figuring that out. Here are the five techniques of Swedish massage.


Effleurage consists of long sweeping strokes around the massage area. The massage therapist uses these broad strokes to warm up the body and find any knots that need to be broken. They also apply varying light and hard pressure to get rid of those knots and get everyone warmed up.

This technique is done by making broad strokes with the palm or fingertips.


Petrissage is the technique that involves kneading the muscles. This is where you start getting to more specific areas and get deeper into those muscles, targeting the fascia or connective tissue.

This technique loosens the muscles and prepares them for the following technique which will drain the patient’s toxins and encourage better bloodflow.


Also known as rhythmic tapping, this technique uses the side of your hands to loosen the muscles in a fast tapping motion. Not only does this technique further loosen your muscles, but it also gives your muscles more energy and bloodflow.


Friction is exactly is it sounds. The massage therapists hands are rubbed together and fiction is created between the patient and the therapist. This friction creates warmth which relaxes the muscles and prepares them for a deeper massage.


Finally we have vibration or shaking where the palm of the hand applies pressure in a back and forth motion. This final technique loosens the muscle one more time and encourages a healthy blood flow to and from the massaged area.

These five techniques altogether form the relaxing Swedish massage experience. Where your muscles are relaxed and energized, creating the ideal rejuvenating experience.

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