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Stress and The Daily Grind: What Sitting In Traffic Is Really Doing To Your Body

Stress and The Daily Grind: What Sitting In Traffic Is Really Doing To Your Body

Elements Massage

Living and working (and driving) in the DMV can be taxing on the body in so many ways. There is the stress of traffic, the stress of work, the running of errands, and reaching the demands of sports and other extracurricular activities. All that running around eventually takes its toll on the body, and your muscles. 


We hear quite often how bad it is to sit at your office desk for long periods of time; to get up every twenty minutes and stretch, but what about those times when you’re sitting in a car for hours on end? How can you reduce the damage being done to your spine if you can’t pull over every 20 minutes? There are have been many studies that show a connection between sitting and back pain, and in fact, truck and car driving related occupations have been implicated as high risk for the development of low back pain. 


A static posture (meaning a posture that stays in the same position for a long period of time) will show its effects in the lumbar spine, neck and upper back as well. The tension will eventually cause headaches, tense muscles, and a decrease in circulation (making you feel sluggish).  Most people try to relieve these symptoms with medication and food. The vicious cycle turns and turns, and introduces a host of new issues to your body.  No, it doesn’t happen all at once, or even somewhat quickly. These are subtle, and happen over a long period of time, making it difficult to pinpoint where the core of your issues lie. 


Massage has long been misconceived as a luxurious treat only to be enjoyed once in a while, however, the truth is, a regular, and consistent massage routine will reduce our neck and back pain and improve circulation, reduce stress, increase our range in motion, and other proven benefits. When you’re less stressed, you tend to make better choices for your body and for yourself. This isn’t a short-term fix. Massage will improve your quality of life now, and set you up for a high quality of life in your elder years as well. 


Take a look at our list of services here and click on the button to your right to request an appointment. Our massage therapists will discuss which massage will work best for your needs and also help you decide whether a consistent regimen is right for you. Driving in the DMV is never going to go away; you’ll always have the impossibly long honey-do list, and the kids will always be in some activity or another. Giving your body the gift of massage will help you tackle the daily grind pain-free.

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