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Six Ways To Prepare Your Mind and Body For The Holidays

Six Ways To Prepare Your Mind and Body For The Holidays

Elements Massage Vienna

The holidays are meant to be a joyful time to see friends, dress up, party, and reconnect with family. If you’re not in a good place mentally though, it can be extremely challenging to go through the necessary steps of the season. Dragging yourself from event to event isn’t recommended and can have an adverse effect on you. Try these methods instead.

Buy Something

Generally, it’s appropriate to buy the hostess a gift when invited to a party or to a dinner. Although a standard bottle of wine can be just fine, you may want to put extra effort into giving a gift that’s special to them. Putting that extra effort into the gift will raise your spirits and give you something joyous to focus on. Your hostess will undoubtedly love the gift and the amount of thought you put into making it extra special.

Eat Something

Often times when you’re at a party you don’t want to be at, or at a dinner/function you’re not emotionally prepared for, you tend to overeat or overdrink. Don’t be the guest with the basket of bread in the corner alone. Do yourself a favor and have a sliced apple with peanut butter or a small sandwich before you leave. This will give you somewhat of a full stomach so that you don’t drink or eat too much. Sometimes, eating a little something also works in cutting the nerves so you can face the crowd with a little bit more confidence.

Work Something

Sometimes the best way to clear your mind and change your mood is to go for a nice, long walk. Feeling the sun on your face, watching the squirrels gather nuts for the winter, or listen to the water ripples can bring you a bit of perspective and give you the little change in your mood you need.

Smell Something

We know well how effective aromatherapy can be. Imagine the way you feel when you smell freshly baked cookies, or your favorite lotion/perfume. Instantly, you are transported to a happier and calmer state. Our scent sense is very strongly tied to our memory. Choose to either light a candle or incense before your event, or come in and indulge in one of our four aromatherapy options from Bon Vital.

Think of Something

Be the supportive voice you need yourself to be. Right now, you may be in a constant struggle between your outer and inner self, and reflection may be the only answer to bringing both sides together. Think of three good things you have done. They don’t have to be grand, just important to you. Reminding yourself you are a good person will change your attitude and put you back on a light-filled path.

Massage Something

Our muscles hang on to toxins that can greatly affect the way we feel and how we handle our day-to-day life. Elevate your mood and strengthen circulation with our Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, or Deep Tissue Massage. When your body feels good, your mind tends to feel good too.

You’re not alone. Prepare your body and mind for the holidays, and beyond. Call us to make your appointment.

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