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Massage Therapy to Help your College Student

Massage Therapy to Help your College Student

Massage Therapy to Help your College Student


When one thinks of massage therapy, young people are often not involved. A quick Google search on the topic will lead to articles on why students should study massage therapy, but not much on why college students can benefit from massage therapy. The misconception that massage therapy is for an older generation is harmful because young people, including college students, are facing incredible stress and building habits that will hurt their bodies in the future. Massage therapy can have amazing benefits for college students. From stress relief, to forming good posture habits early on, massage therapy can have benefits for college students that last the rest of their lives.

Stress relief

School work takes a major toll on any student. Each classroom has different rules and expectations on a student. Sometimes they're easy, but more often than not, a student will struggle to meet all the demands of their institution. The parts of college life that are often idealized: all-nighters, binge drinking, diets consisting entirely of fast food, are detrimental to one's body. The amount of harm students put on themselves, or were forced into, can have devastating effects on their body.

That's why massage therapy can help a student stay on track. Massages are proven to reduce stress, and heal muscle tension. A student doesn't have to accept all that damage, they can counter it with regular massage therapy.


Young folks are active. College students are working out more and doing more sports while keeping their grades in top shape. Most people start a work-out habit around or a little after college. Many go alone these days, but that can be hurtful. A lot can go wrong in a gym, and you risk more injury in the beginning when you're just figuring out what all those machines are.

Massage therapy can get any young person on the right foot when it comes to their health. It's much better to develop good habits early on than to damage your body and let bad habits develop into consistent back pain or worse when you're older.

Mental Health

Everyone knows what stress can feel like, or even fatigue, but mental illnesses are much more nuanced. For anyone who isn't neuro-typical, the effects of a mental illness can be just about anything. And college students are at the time when mental illnesses are most diagnosed.

Sometimes massage can be beneficial for one's mental health. If fatigue, stress, or anxiety are common problems, then a massage can take all of that, and let it flow out of your body. It won't cure anything, but your body will restart and you will feel refreshed and better able to manage your symptoms.

If you have a child in college, or are one yourself, remember that massages are beneficial to everyone of every age group, and they're not a luxury reserved for the rich. Affordable massage therapy exists, and even one massage can help your body for months. 

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