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Make Promises, Not Resolutions for 2017

Make Promises, Not Resolutions for 2017

Elements Massage

Every year we resolve to a “New Year, New You” and sometimes, before the confetti hits the floor and the ball has completely dropped we realize that that may not be a goal we can reach or even want to reach, and the resolution begins to fizzle. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to go in a new direction, or cut a new path for yourself with a new year, but sometimes these resolutions can become too big, too broad, too much, and you find yourself unable to obtain what you set yourself out to do.


Instead of setting resolutions for yourself, make a promise. Promise to take better care of your health, body and mind. Make small steps such as promising to take a walk, albeit a short one, maybe once a day, or three times a week. Promise to navigate through stress differently so that it doesn’t encompass your thoughts completely. Promise to invest in your body with a massage once a month.


If you think nothing of changing the oil in your car, or rotating your tires for the life of your car, then you should consider investing in yourself as well; massage is just as much of an investment in the life of your body as a routine checkup for your car is.


Make your appointments for the entire year for however often you want to invest in your body and mind. Make them once a month or once every other month, or even once a quarter. Whatever it takes to make you feel good in mind, body and spirit. If you set your schedule for the year, it will be easier to follow through and be consistent if the time that is already reserved.


To be certain you stick to your goals, consider joining the Elements Wellness Program. The program is designed to give you one massage session a month at a discounted rate. You can opt out at any time with a 30-day notice, and there are no long-term contracts involved. If you skip a month, the session will roll over to the next month with no extra charge. You can even share the program with a designated Associate Member such as a spouse, family member, or friend.


With the Elements Wellness Program, you’ll also have access to Membership-only specials that are sent to your email.


Making resolutions for the New Year are fine. Just know that historically, they’re not easy to keep. Instead of making resolutions for 2017, make promises. Promise yourself that you will take better care of your mind and body. Promise to be better to yourself and treat yourself to more experiences. Promise to say yes more because if not now, when? This is a ‘New Year, New You’ you can be excited about. Ask us by either walking in, or with a phone call how you can join the Elements Wellness Program, or just to book your massages without a membership. Either way, its time you take better care of your body and mind. Cheers to a happy and healthy New Year!

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