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I'm Super Ticklish, Can I still Get a Massage?

I'm Super Ticklish, Can I still Get a Massage?

Most people are ticklish in some way, but some extreme cases can make a massage seem daunting. If you are ticklish to the point that you question if a massage is possible, this post is for you.

The short answer is yes, an effective massage is absolutely possible during a session. Our massage therapists are trained professionals with experience in all kinds of bodies, including the most sensitive.

As with any unique circumstances, communication is key. Be sure to talk to your massage therapist if you’re afraid your ticklishness might be an issue.

The most common areas are the ribs, underarms, neck, and feet. Intensity varies from person to person so please communicate that to your massage therapist. During your massage, you can expect your therapist give you a warning before they start working your sensitive areas, and will recommend techniques to help you through the ticklishness so that it doesn't become a barrier. Shock is what contributes most to feeling ticklish, so taking that factor away and giving the client time to prepare already makes the massage a lot easier.

Of course, we’re not actually tickling you, so full-on laughter the entire session is incredibly unlikely. We may use our palms or favor broader and deeper strokes to help, and if you still feel a lot of sensitivity there, deep, focused breathing can help tremendously in working through the tickles so that it doesn't impede your experience.

Working on the back, ribs, and neck is one thing, but the feet are something else. Even then, even for someone who gets ticklish reactions just from touching their own feet, there are ways to work through it. Here cooperation between the client and massage therapist is most important. Fair warning and time for preparation are given with the most care, and the massage therapist will be sure to be firm and confident with their hands.

The client can help by focusing on their breath, and being sure to draw long deep breaths. Not only does it help through the ticklishness, but will increase blood flow and help move the toxins out of your body!

Ticklishness in no way impedes your massage experience or lessens its value. You still get all the benefits of a wonderful massage: reduced stress, better blood flow, detox, pain relief, and more. You may even see a dramatic improvement in your condition after a few sessions!

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