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How To Take Care of Yourself Before and After a Massage

How To Take Care of Yourself Before and After a Massage


The goal of a massage is to leave you feeling both relaxed and invigorated. The massage therapist’s magic can do wonders for healing your body. But there are steps you can take to make sure that you are ready for the best massage you can get.

Stay Hydrated

Having enough water in your system is vital for self-care and it makes your massage experience so much better. Water helps the toxins in your body flow out of your body and will prevent soreness after your massage. We recommend avoiding any coffee or alcohol for at least three hours after your massage because these drinks tend to cause dehydration and add toxins to your system.

Drinking water beforehand will also help your blood flow during the massage and will support your massage in getting all those bad chemicals out of your system.


The best self-care before and after a massage is doing whatever you need to do to relax. We encourage you to spend time away from anything or anyone that can cause you stress and give yourself some me-time. The relaxation will help your body’s natural healing and detoxing process flow more smoothly and for much longer. Even something as simple as using a scented candle and reading a nice book can help.

Schedule Your Massage at the End of the Day

Timing is everything for a massage. You want to plan some time to feel relaxed and without worry for what you have left to do for the day. By scheduling your massage at the end of the day, after all your errands are complete, the benefits of your massage will last longer.

With these self-care tips, you'll be feeling more relaxed and energized than ever. Give yourself the care you deserve by scheduling a massage today!

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