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How Does Swedish Massage Work?

How Does Swedish Massage Work?

We live in a chaotic, stressful world. We are surrounded by hard work, grueling labor, politics, tense relationships, and someone always announcing humanity’s impending doom out of the corner of our eyes.

While stress is a fact of life, we seem to have lost the ways we would control our stress, and calm our minds. After all, destressing has been part of medicine since the start of human history.

And one of the most common ways people relieved stress and took care of their bodies was through massage.


A Swedish massage is a way to get your body to naturally breath more oxygen and flush harmful toxins out of your body. While the word toxins has a stereotype of referring to something that doesn’t exist or that your body handles normally (and some people do use it that way) we are referring to something specific.

In our ligaments, where our bone and tissue meet, we gather a lot of stress. This can be due to bad posture, injury, constant labor, or aging. Very few people have normal, healthy fascia everywhere they occur. Usually, harmful biochemicals, ones that cause pain and stress linger there as an indication to the body that it needs to heal.

These are what we refer to when we say toxins.

A Natural Remedy

The point of massage is to not heal that pain directly, but to instead help your body heal it on its own.

Swedish massage uses a number of techniques to help your blood flow to those places where toxins gather. When this blood flow increases, it brings an extra wave of healing biochemicals to replace the toxins. The blood washes the toxins away like a stream, and replaces them with healing chemicals.

This is done by making the muscles less tense, so that they block less blood and using large sweeping motions to encourage the blood to flow to the right spot.

Massage isn’t just a relaxant, it’s a medicinal practice based on real science.

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