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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Elements Massage | Vienna

Hot stone massage, so what is the big deal? Hot stone massage began many years ago in China and the was adopted by native Americans. They used the heated stones for muscle and tension relief just the way we still use them today Read on to see what hot stone massage can do for and if it may be a good option for you. 



1. Heated stones help your therapist to go deeper into the muscles, faster. The stones used in hot stone massage are flat and are heated to between 120 and 150 degrees. What does this mean for you? Your massage will often have better and longer lasting results. 

2. Heated stone massage gives you more energy. How, you may ask? The heat from the stones improves your circulation and blood flow. This helps increase the amount of oxygen that is carried to your muscles and helps to release any buildup of lactic acid. 

3.Stress relief, the obvious answer. Many people find it easier to relax when they feel the warmth of the stones on their bodies.The heat from the stones, along with the increased blood flow helps keep your extremities warm as well.  


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