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Happy National Opposite Day!

Happy National Opposite Day!

It’s January 25th which means today is opposite day! Have some fun today and work off some stress with comic relief. Mean exactly the opposite of what you say, and find a new outlet to get over the hump of the work week!


Fun Fact: Many sources say that National Opposite Day is observed on this day because President Calvin Coolidge made a statement to the press in the 1928 election announcing, “I do not choose to run.” Thus, sparking the birth of this day!


So, what can you do to have a little fun? Maybe wear your shoes on the wrong feet, put your shirt on backwards, or make breakfast for dinner. Whatever whimsy puts a smile on your face.  The idea is to have some fun, and de-stress your body a bit. Bringing joy to your life is like a drink of water to your body. Laughter really is the best medicine, and what better way to instill that into your life than on this day!


You’re wondering what this has to do with massage. Everything. Massage is a holistic approach to healing the body of outside toxins which may be in the form of illness, stress, or physical pain. Laughter takes the same approach, and works together with holistic healing to give your body the proverbial bear hug it needs to function and exist in a healthy manner.


Hunter Campbell, M.D., believed this quite strongly, and in 1971 he and several others opened a free hospital in a six-bedroom home. This was a pilot health care facility where thousands of patients received unique, humor-infused care over the next twelve years. This home-based hospital evolved into the Gesundheit Institute, an NPO care organization that offers volunteer programs such as clown trips to hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps and prisons. There is also an educational program designed to help medical students develop connections through laughter with their patients. Dr. Campbell, affectionately known as Patch Adams made laughter a keen focus on health.


Add to this more relaxed state a massage and you have a one-two punch against stress. Stress and anxiety harbor a multitude of illnesses that can have a detrimental effect on your body. The more often you schedule a massage, and the more often you make time for laughter, the more aligned your overall health will be.


Take a break from the mundane today and add a bit of laughter to your day! A little bit of humor will also set you up for a relaxing massage, and you’ll reap all the benefits of it as well. A relaxed body responds better to a session and heals faster as well. So, put your pants on backwards, enjoy your breakfast for dinner, and wish everyone a terrible day! Laugh a little, and the world will laugh with you!

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