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From Amateur to Pro, How our Massage Therapists Got Here

From Amateur to Pro, How our Massage Therapists Got Here

Becoming a massage therapist is no easy job. It is an art form that requires complete mastery of the dozens of skills required for a masterful massage. It’s not just rubbing your hands together on someone’s back, but finding the exact pressure points, knowing the anatomy and knowing what to do with those pressure points as you flow toxins out of the body and force the muscles to relax.

Some people think that becoming a massage therapist is a matter of finding a teacher, practicing some, and then opening your own studio, but the process is far more complex. Instead, you are required over 500 hours of training in the state of Virginia and you must pass a test to be certified.

Finding a Good School

Like any specialty trade, you must go to school and study before being qualified to run a professional business. Currently, there are over 300 schools in the U.S. for massage therapy. All our massage therapists have gone to these schools and studied diligently for years to perfect their craft.

Most massage therapists continue education past what is required of them because we all know there is room to improve. Each one of our massage therapists strives for perfection and are always looking to learn more and be better than the best they already are.


On top of classes, everyone is required to have over 500 hours of pretraining before being certified by the state of Virginia. This pretraining is standard, and in fact, most massage therapists take over 600 hours before getting accredited.


Finally, there’s the certification exam. Certification requires a passing score in the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) or one of two exams provided by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. After that, our massage therapists are now certified in the state of Virginia to practice!

There is a ton of flexibility after that. Most go into private practice, where they have the freedom to choose their own location, clients, and hours.

Elements Massage is more interested in finding a team of the best of the best to work together to create the perfect experience for you. Even after the rigorous requirements set by the state, we go above and beyond to make sure that you get the treatment and care that you deserve.

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