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Five Ways of Dealing with Holiday Stress

Five Ways of Dealing with Holiday Stress

Elements Massage

Thanksgiving is the official kick-off to the holiday season; travel plans are made, gifts are bought, dinners are reserved, menus are prepared, homes are deep-cleaned, parties are attended, and holiday cards are sent out. All of these together becomes too much in too short of a time-span when you include work and extracurricular responsibilities and activities. So, what should you do about it before it’s too late?


Make A List-Check It Twice


Prioritizing is essential to keeping your stress levels to a minimum. As the saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? Take one bite at a time.” This adage is true when it comes to your daily life as well. Putting all that you need to have done on a list based on priorities will help you put things in focus, and keep you from spinning out of control. 


Shop Online


Shopping online is easier and safer now than it ever has. Many stores have better deals online than they do in-store. If you know what your family or friends want, go ahead and buy them online, and save yourself the hassle of fighting holiday crowds. 



You’re Not Martha Stewart, And That’s OK


Making sure everything is ‘perfect’ alone can cause your stress levels to rise, but what’s perfect anyway? Do the people that really matter care if your napkins are perfectly folded to look like little trees or that your home looks like something they can pin on Pinterest? No. They want to spend time with you. Give yourself a break, and credit. You’re doing a pretty awesome job being you. 


Take Time for Yourself


It’s easy to get caught up in the hubbub of it all, and those aches and pains you’ve been ignoring all month will rear their ugly head come January. Before it’s too late, take care of your body. Go for a jog, or a walk, or a bike for that matter-whatever it takes to keep you moving. Eat well, listen to your body and feed it what it needs, not just what it wants. Lastly, put yourself on a massage regimen. It’s not just a luxury; massage will help lower your stress levels, and reduce pain. 


Remember the Season


When all is said, and done, will anyone remember the little things? Chances are what people will remember are how you made them feel, the things they can look back on and laugh about, and the precious moments spent with family and friends. Keep the season in mind for the next two months, and you’ll be sure to reduce your stress and more capable of handling it as well.  



Start your holidays off right with a booked schedule of massages. We will help you select the best massages for you, and keep your busy schedule in mind as well.

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