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A Woman’s Guide to Self-Care

A Woman’s Guide to Self-Care

Happy women’s history month! This month, along with International Working Women’s Day on March 8 are meant to celebrate and acknowledge the profound impact women have had on our history. It’s a time to realize just how much of our history and culture is built by women.

For women today, along with women back then, the need for self-care is crucial. Many of us already know that women are generally expected to do more work than men. In the workplace they might make less money than their male counterparts for the same work. They may also be expected to perform more menial tasks and have their main skills downplayed, ignored, or even mocked.

Self-care can be a tricky subject on this month, because while this advice is useful, it should not be presented without information for how men can support women in making sure they feel safe and supported. So for each self-care tip for women, we also have a way men can support the women in their lives.

Carve Out Time for Yourself Everyday

We recommend carving out at least 20 minutes everyday entirely for you. Not your husband, not boss, not for your friend, not for family, just you and you alone. You can put your thoughts in a diary, meditate, or even talk to yourself (honestly, it’s pretty therapeutic).

For men, we suggest you create an atmosphere where women are not afraid to say no around you. That means accepting whenever a woman asks for some space and respecting their time.

Use Aroma Therapy to Center Yourself

Being a woman is stressful. No matter what kind of woman you are or how you express your womanhood, there are always obstacles that are tough to get through. Surrounding yourself with pleasant scents and aromas can help you stay calm and centered as you take on any challenge someone throws at you.

Men, please stop making women’s lives so difficult. If you’re a boss, carefully examine your office environment and make sure that women are able to do their work just as efficiently as men are and that they have no barriers in their work environment. At this home, this means being fair and reasonable with your partner. Women shouldn’t be expected to do housework because of their gender, and it’s also not their job to tell you to do your fair share. Just remember to ask yourself “what can I do to make life easier on my partner?” Sometimes, even just doing the dishes is a helpful start.

Get Massage Therapy

Your health is important, and stress of womanhood can be deeply felt in any woman. Getting regular massage therapy can be vital in improving both your physical and your mental health.

Men, make massage therapy accessible and help the women in your life stay well rested and treated like an equal person of society. Asking yourself how you can support the women in your life will itself do a lot to improve the lives of women all over the world.

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