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5 Ways Massage Reduces Anxiety

5 Ways Massage Reduces Anxiety

We all know that getting a massage helps you relax and can lower your anxiety, but many of us with anxiety disorders are skeptical. We are told this, but we aren’t told why it works. Well, we are here to help you out with 5 ways massage reduces anxiety.

Manage fight-or-flight

Massage is excellent at creating a calm and safe environment, with as many relaxants as possible to get you comfortable. You may feel nervous at first, but after a while, you will find calm and your fight-or-flight reflexes will relax. This is because of the increased blood flow and the relaxing muscles. When you have a fight-or-flight reaction, your muscles tense up, but if they’re relaxed, this reaction goes away.

Cleanse the Body

Toxins like to gather around the fascia, making it more difficult for blood to flow, your muscles tense up, and you become more stressed. By targeting the fascia, relaxing that area, and encouraging the toxins to flow out of the body, a major stressor on your body disappears.

Feel Connected

Tough therapy can be more effective than we give credit for. We are social being, we want to be touched, but our social circumstances make it so that we are often very lonely. The feeling of touch can help your body release relaxing chemicals and make you feel safe.

Decrease Heart Rate

Due to increased blood flow from a massage, your heart will not feel the need to pump as much blood. High heart rates are usually caused by the toxins that gather on the fascia blocking part of the blood flow. With a clearer blood flow, and relaxed muscles and mind, your heart rate reduces, lowering your overall anxiety.

Release Endorphins

Endorphins are released throughout the process. Long periods of touch release endorphins, and when blood comes rushing into those spots where the toxins gathered, they bring in new, better biochemicals to keep you relaxed and also energized.

Anxiety is a major issue for almost everyone. Don’t let it consume you. Regular massage therapy is effective and can help you dial your anxiety down to a more manageable level.

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