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5 Relaxing Gift Ideas for Your Over-Stressed Loved One

5 Relaxing Gift Ideas for Your Over-Stressed Loved One

Admit it, as soon we mentioned your “over-stressed loved one” that one specific person, whether it’s a friend, family member, or even coworker that’s bringing everyone down, popped into your head. Almost everyone is over-stressed these days, especially during the holidays. Plenty of our clients have children and friends working retail and other jobs which are very dangerous for your body. They come home, and instead of enjoying the body, they’re just trying to muster enough strength to move on to the next day.

It shouldn’t be like that. Everyone this season deserves time to enjoy themselves, relax, and appreciate the holiday season. That’s why we came up with this list of 5 relaxing gifts for your over-stressed loved one.


Aromatherapy can be very effective in supporting someone’s mental health. Something like incense is not only a cool gift that’s unique and an opportunity to try something new, it can also be very relaxing. Lavender, cedar wood, lemon, or eucalyptus are all wonderful options to help them be more relaxed and create a more pleasant atmosphere.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are very similar to Incense when put through a diffuser. They’re not as unique as incense can be but they’re still very effective and can be used a number of ways. We also use them in some of our massages to enhance the entire massage experience.

Handmade Soap/Bath Products

These have become much more popular recently, especially for younger folks. Handmade soaps, bath bombs, or other pampering products now come with many of the same ingredients in essential oils that allow you to feel and smell their benefits! You haven’t witnessed the power of a relaxing bubble bath until you’ve tried drinking champagne in a floral bath bomb with a scented candle. Speaking of which…

Scented Candle

Aromatherapy is really effective. Smells are very powerful and easily sway our emotions. Scented candles are a great way to change the scent of a room and lower someone’s stress.

A Massage

Studies show that experience gifts are generally more appreciated than any other gift and will be much more memorable. Give them an experience they will remember and cherish with the gift of massage!

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