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5 Reasons Why a Massage Will Help Your Pregnancy

5 Reasons Why a Massage Will Help Your Pregnancy

No one in their right mind ever said pregnancy is painless. The body is working 24/7 to create another living human being from within. It’s a magical process and one of the most exhausting experiences ever faced by humans. Fatigue, back pain, leg pain, swelling, anxiety, stress, and depression – all common side effects of a healthy pregnancy. For anyone who can’t get pregnant reading this, especially men, be kind and help out any pregnant person you know. One way to help is by booking a prenatal massage.

After the 2nd trimester, massages are completely safe for anyone pregnant. And they’re incredibly beneficial! Here are 5 benefits to getting a prenatal massage! Let’s start with the obvious:

Stress Relief

To say massage relieves stress is like saying donuts have sugar. But the question is how much does stress does it relieve? For any typical massage, the benefits can be astounding. Toxins flow out of your body and replenish your blood stream with renewed oxygen and positive biochemicals. For anyone experiencing pregnancy however, the effects are magnified.

First, there is more stress to relieve than normal, that’s obvious. The body is functioning at 100% non-stop nurturing yourself and the child. This process puts an incredible amount of stress on the body (and we haven’t even started talking about mental health!). Massage gives the body a helping hand in relieving the tension the patient’s muscles and joints, so that it can keep its focus on the baby. The stress relief will leave the patient feeling more energized, renewed, and readier to ride out the pregnancy.

Improve Circulation

Improved circulation will make the client feel more awake, more energized, and more alert. The massage therapist will avoid any deep tissue massage, because you don’t want the body to detox (flush out the toxins, and put it in your blood stream, and therefore to the baby). But they will use long strokes to encourage healthy blood circulation. Thus increasing oxygen flow to the body along with healthy biochemicals to improve your health and wellbeing.

Back and Leg Pain

Even though certain humans are built with a mechanism to create babies inside of them, evolution failed to notify parts of the body that they should be ready for such pregnancies. Particularly the back and legs. These parts of the body are by far the most likely to cause pain and immense discomfort during pregnancy. This is one (of many) reasons why you should see a doctor regularly as your pregnancy continues. If you’re pregnant and have back and leg pain, ask your doctor about getting a prenatal massage. Sometimes a massage is the perfect solution to getting your back and legs healthy and circulating properly again.

Help with Labor

Avira Romm, President of the American Herbalist Guild and famous midwife has done studies on the effects of prenatal massage during pregnancy, where she argued that a massage can make labor easier. Studies have shown that massage therapy results in less pain during labor and makes it shorter. For anyone worried about labor, we highly recommend you include massage therapy as a preparation method.

Mental Health

Finally, studies have shown that prenatal massage can decrease anxiety and help mitigate symptoms of depression. Depression is a real issue before and after pregnancy. Which is why we highly recommend regular massages from pregnancy and beyond. While massage does not cure depression, it definitely helps the symptoms and can leave the body with some new-found energy to help combat it. Not to mention the relaxing atmosphere and natural stress relief will do wonders for your anxiety.

Pregnancy is no joke, which is why all our staff are professionals who are certified in prenatal massage. We want the best for you and your child, and are willing to do what we can to make the process easier for you!

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