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4 Ways Massage Can Cleanse Your Mind

4 Ways Massage Can Cleanse Your Mind


We all need a cleanse. A way of getting rid of whatever toxins might be in our body. We’re talking about more than your normal liver functions. We’re also talking about stress, anxiety, pain, tension, and knots. All of these are toxins that pollute your body.


While a lot of attention is paid to the toxins around your back and got, the physical ones that create pain and tension, we want to move towards a different direction. Today, we’re talking about the toxins in your mind.


Again, we’re not talking about anything physical. But we feel that toxins are a great metaphor for the ways our mental health can be worsened. Massage can help with at least four of those:


  1. Stress

  2. anxiety

  3. Fatigue

  4. unrest.


And we’re going to discuss how massage can help get rid of those four toxins. So without further ado, here are 4 ways massage can cleanse your mind.


Relieve Stress


One of the most satisfying benefits of a massage is how much it can relieve stress. It makes sense since it’s so prominent in spas. A massage is all about finding tension between your muscles, and loosening them so that they allow blood to flow more easily.


If you think of your body as a river, tension is like a dam. It stops the flow in its path, stressing out the entire ecosystem. Massage gets rid of those dams, leaving everything in good condition.


Lower Anxiety


Stress and anxiety go hand in hand but they’re not the same. Stress is the natural reaction to having something that needs to get, anxiety is more like the consequence of leaving it undone, or the fear of what will happen if it doesn’t get fixed. Technically speaking, anxiety is the fear of nothing. And it’s terrifying.


Today we see huge spike in anxiety disorders, there are major issues around us every day that our body reacts negatively to. Ignoring those only worsens our anxiety.


Massage can’t help with any structural issues like anxiety from work abuse or issues at home. But it can alleviate those symptoms. In the same way we relieve stress, you will find that anxiety will go with it. Or it will at least drop down to something more manageable.


Reduce Fatigue

Feel tired all the time? Your body has multiple ways it can respond to being overworked. One is fatigue in which your body tells you “I have no more energy” and your running on empty. The other is unrest, where it can’t shut down and rest without some help.


Massage magically helps you out with both! For fatigue, the increased blood flow will give you more energy and make you feel more ready to tackle whatever you have left to do.


Lower Unrest


Overworked? Having trouble sleeping at night? Massage can help with that too. You need to be completely relaxed in order to sleep well, and ironically being overworked means that your body almost never rests.


Burnout is a real issue in today’s economy and it’s only getting worse. Your body needs some help untangling its stressors in order for you to heal from fatigue. It’s totally normal to need help relaxing after working too much. And remember that even if you feel like the amount of work you’re doing shouldn’t be too much, your body knows its limits and will let you know. Don’t ignore those warning signs.


Massage is magical in how it can support your mental health. And paired with therapy, it’s a great way to really hone in on the issues that keep you mentally ill and helps you alleviate your symptoms so that you can take care of the structural issues keeping your mental health low in the first place.

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