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4 Unexpected Benefits of Getting a Massage

4 Unexpected Benefits of Getting a Massage

We all know about the usual benefits of a massage - stress relief, pain relief, and muscle relaxation. But what else is there? Massage therapy is aimed at improving the whole body, and the whole body is your whole world.

This means that the benefits are practically endless, and may correlate to improved behaviors you wouldn’t expect. So let’s jump right in with 4 unexpected benefits of getting a massage.

Anxiety Relief

Ok, we know that this is a common one, but what’s unexpected might be how effective the anxiety relief is. Anxiety is a spectrum and we know that massage can reduce anxiety on the lower end of the scale, but it can also be effective on the high end of the scale too.

People with debilitating anxiety often feel major relief after a massage when other treatment methods don’t work. We can’t promise this will be the case for everyone, but we insist you always give it a try if your anxiety is very strong.

We will also work with you as best as we can to create a calm and encouraging environment so that your social anxiety is not made worse.

Breathe Easier

The breath is related to two things in your body. Tension in the muscles, and tension in your mental health. Most of your mental health actually originates in the stomach and can directly cause muscles around your neck and throat to tense.

Massage aims to not only relieve muscle tension, but also to reduce anxiety. So what happens is that your muscles open up as we naturally loosen them up, but also your reduced anxiety will keep them open long enough for you to feel more open and be able to take in my CO2. That in turn then invites stronger blood flow and it creates a snowball effect in improved bodily functions.

Better Sleep

Sleep is also directly correlated to comfort, mental health, and physical health. Your body wants to know it’s healthy before going to bed, and any lingering pain or anxiety will work to keep you awake.

Not only that, but massage is also great at improving blood flow, which not only directly combats these symptoms that create insomnia, but they also boost healing biochemicals, and create the conditions for your body to naturally produce more serotonin - the chemical that makes you sleepy.

Stronger Empathy

Reduced anxiety, increased blood flow, and muscle relaxation can go a long way, as you can see. But it not only helps you personally but it can also help your relationships. Feelings of sympathy and empathy occur more strongly when you don’t have to worry about yourself. You need to be in good health yourself in order to help others.

Being healthy means that you are not worrying about your own problems, your own anxiety is blaring a constant alarm in your brain demanding help. Your muscles aren’t constantly sending pain, your brain’s signal to get help. You don’t need any help, which means that you are more able to help others and your brain is more willing to allow you to feel those connections with other people.

Massage has the ability to affect your life in every way. So why don’t you give it a shot? Call us to book an appointment today.

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