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3 Unique Massage Experiences You Probably Didn’t Know About

3 Unique Massage Experiences You Probably Didn’t Know About

We all know about Swedish Massage, and have heard of the notorious Deep Tissue, but did you know that there is an even wider range of diverse Massage practices? Here are three radically different and entirely unique experiences you didn’t know about.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful wonders of life…and the most painful. Anyone facing pregnancy knows that it’s a sacrifice incomparable to anything else. The stress it takes on the body is tremendous, and self-care is incredibly difficult. One of the most common effects of pregnancy is back pain, especially in the lower back, and expecting mothers may consider a massage to help with the pain and stress.


A massage is not a bad idea. Studies have shown that prenatal massages are safe and beneficial, as long as the massage therapist knows what they’re doing. When looking for a prenatal massage, finding the right therapist becomes much more important than usual, because you want the toxins to flow out of your body properly and to not affect the baby. But the benefits can be too good to pass up.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses volcanic stones heated to the perfect temperature which are then placed on key points of the body such as the spine, stomach, chest, head, palms, and feet.

The stones are first placed on the back to warm and loosen the muscles. Second, we place stones on your arms and legs to begin the same process. Once the back, arms and legs are warmed up, the muscles and fascia are now loose, and the deep massage begins, to provide both comfort and healing to an aching body.

Himalayan Salt Stone

This massage is similar to a hot stone, but instead of volcanic stone, we use 100% pure Himalayan salt stone which is rich with over 84 minerals and is proven to be healing and enriching. This massage is the ultimate step above a normal Swedish massage and maximizes relaxation and stress relief.

Here at Elements Massage, we offer all of these massages and even more. So be sure to call us today to schedule an appointment.

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