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3 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day for Your Partner AND Yourself!

3 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day for Your Partner AND Yourself!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re married, in a relationship with someone else, or taking care of yourself, there are definitely lots of things for you to do this Valentine’s day. While extravagant dinners and expensive clothes can be nice (as long as you don’t go overboard), we’re really looking for ways you can encourage a closer relationship to either your partner or yourself. So let’s get to it with 3 things to do for Valentine’s Day.

Spend Some Quiet Time Alone (With Each Other)

Nothing can be more intimate than sharing a quiet, reflective space. If you’re with your partner, you can set up a scented candle, cuddle under a blanket and read a book together and listen to some jazz. If you don’t have a partner, this still works too! You are constantly in a relationship with yourself and you need to care and nurture that relationship just as you would with a partner.

Take Some Time to Value EVERY Relationship You Have

Chances are that your partner is not the only person you love. What about your friends, or family, or yourself? Romantic relationships aren’t the only connections that need love and nurture. I, for instance, call my mom every Valentine’s day to tell her I love her, and then we both call my Grandma to say the same thing. Romantic love doesn’t have to be the only love we celebrate. Familial, platonic, and self love are all valid attractions we should embrace, not shy away from.

And if you’re shy, remember that it’s always better to know that you’re valued than not.

Buy Your Partner a Massage

A message is the best way to relieve your body of stressors and toxins. If you get a massage together with your partner is gets rid of the barriers that keep you from feeling togetherness and intimacy. Getting a massage for yourself also helps you relieve the stress that is placed on you and gives you room to focus on the relationships in your life.

All of these suggestions support self-care, are free, and help make Valentine’s day accessible and celebratory for everyone. Be sure to try them out and message us about setting up a massage.

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