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Working Out Tension

Working Out Tension

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden

The fact of the matter is that the routine tasks that makeup each day can lead to tension or aches that appear in your neck, back, or shoulder area. Oftentimes accompanied by a dull pain or stiffness, this general soreness is due to knots in your muscles. Stemming from stress, overuse, repetitive actions, poor posture, and a host of other reasons, these muscle knots can cause severe discomfort and limit your range of motion if not addressed properly.

When it comes to massage therapy, these knots are usually called Trigger Points. Most often these points result in pain located around the tense area and also referral pain, located elsewhere in your body but attributed to the trigger point. There are two categories of actions in your life that contribute to the appearance of trigger points in your body.

  • Perpetuating
    This category of factors leans more towards environmental items such as work or home stress that affects how you hold your body. As repetitive and prolonged actions, your body adjusts and compensates to perpetuating circumstances that causes your muscles to react by shortening and balling up over time. Hence chronic conditions that cause recurring aches and pains.
  • Activating
    Activating factors are more specific actions like a sports injury or an emotionally or physically stressful situation like a car accident that can overburden your body’s muscles and cause a reaction that contracts your muscle fibers tightly into a knot.

These trigger points inhibit the normal functions of your muscles and instead cause tension and pain that can make it difficult for your body to move naturally. For a massage therapist to address your specific pain points, it is important to discuss both your mind and body wellness routine. Managing chronic stress is key in keeping your body functioning at its optimal level and creating a game plan to working out your tension can help you feel better and enjoy life more!

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