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Aurora at Tower & Hampden

SW Corner of Tower & Hampden

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3571 S Tower Rd
Ste A
Aurora, CO 80013

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Healing After A Car Accident

Dec 14, 2016 Health

Regardless of circumstances, being involved in any type of car accident can be scary. The stress and anxiety that result in the wake of an accident may take time to heal. Massage is a great tool to help reduce the emotional and physical rollercoaster after such a surprising event. From unexpectedness to adrenaline, potential injury to property damage, a car accident can be terrifying and it can be a difficult process to fully recover from.

Making New Healthy Habits

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden Aug 22, 2016 Health

At Elements Massage Tower and Hampden, we are on your team when it comes to unlocking your peak wellness. To set you up for success, here are a few tips from our talented massage therapy team about what they do to nurture their own mind and body connections.

LifeSpark Honors Elements Massage as Partner of the Year

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden Jun 8, 2016 Health

LifeSpark Cancer Resources, a Colorado based non-profit organization, honored Elements Massage™ studios as Partner of the Year at its Day of Gratitude Event on Sunday, June 5th.  

Under Pressure

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden May 20, 2016 Health

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden explains how each massage is tailored specifically to client's needs, including touch and pressure.

Introducing Aromatherapy

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden Apr 18, 2016 Health

At Elements Tower and Hampden, we are excited to announce that we are now offering a limited range of aroma-therapeutic services available in conjunction with our regular massage offerings.

Intentions Towards a Better Wellness

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden Mar 8, 2016 Health

At our Colorado studio, Elements Tower and Hampden strives to deliver our customers with an exceptional experience to help promote mind/body wellness. From a warm greeting from our professional staff to a beautifully curated space to allow you to feel at ease and begin the process of relaxing, our handcrafted and therapeutic massage studio is tailored to your needs.

Denver Area Elements Massage Studios Partner With LifeSpark

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden Dec 14, 2015 News

LifeSpark Cancer Resources announced that it has launched a partnership with 13 Elements Massage™ (Elements) studios in the Metro-Denver area as part of a significant improvement to the ways LifeSpark supports cancer patients.   

Meatballs Recipe

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden Dec 7, 2015 Health

Elements Massage Tower shares their favorite Meatball Recipe for the Holiday season!

All About Hot Stone Massage

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden Dec 7, 2015 Health

As a great way to jazz up your regular massage, adding hot stones is the perfect treat to ward of the cold of winter and can help prime your body to receive a deeper, more beneficial massage.

Back Pain and Stretching

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden Oct 21, 2015 Health

At Elements Tower and Hampden, we recommend trying to work in a few stretches at a time throughout the day to help you with mobility and pain. Learn more about the benefits of stretching.

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