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Restless Legs

Restless Legs

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden

The kicks and jolts that can take you from a full on sleep to wide-awake may be part of a larger condition called Restless Leg Syndrome. Sometimes referred to as RLS, this central nervous system disorder is responsible for the aching, tingling, and creeping sensations that occur before bedtime and throughout the night. Resulting in an urgent need to move frequently and adjust your legs, this condition can wreck havoc on the quality of your sleep. From insomnia to a host of additional issues, the movements and feelings associated with RLS include:

-Intense Night Feelings
The need to move your lower limbs increases in intensity at night, especially while in bed while lying down or trying to remain still.

-Strong Urges
Movement in response to the feelings associated with RLS doesn’t feel optional. It’s similar to an itch that you cannot stop thinking about until you scratch but it’s a more immediate need that occurs, similar to a flinch.

-Irritating Sensations
Many of the sensations that accompany RLS sufferers are categorized as irritating and uncomfortable, with tingling, burning, and crawling being three of the main complaints.

-Visible Movement
Jerking and rocking the feet and legs are two of the most disturbing reactions to RLS. This can interfere with sleep during the night as well as be a distraction during regular activities throughout the day.

How To Manage
Attributed to a range of causes like kidney disease, arthritis, and high caffeine ingestion, RLS currently has no known cure. However, there are ways to properly manage the condition to decrease the severity and frequency of symptoms. One of the main ways to address the symptoms is through the art of massage. By concentrating pressure and manipulation of the muscle tissue in the legs, your body can release stress and tension, resulting in better sleep by decreasing the urge and need to move.

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