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3571 S Tower Rd
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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Words of Wellness

Making New Healthy Habits

Making New Healthy Habits

Elements Massage Tower & Hampden

Oftentimes the biggest obstacle to achieving new accomplishments is the negative voice we hear in our heads. When it comes to including healthy habits into your current lifestyle, making a game plan to sustain positive changes is not the hard part. Executing these new habits in a sustainable way over time until it becomes second nature is where most people fail.

At Elements Massage Tower and Hampden, we are on your team when it comes to unlocking your peak wellness. To set you up for success, here are a few tips from our talented massage therapy team about what they do to nurture their own mind and body connections, and how they have gone about making great habits that support this endeavor:

  • Know Your Downs
    Being familiar with times that you feel most unhappy or down is helpful when it comes to overcoming big challenges. If you don’t sleep well, have a bad day, or are just overall in a crabby mood, give yourself a break by heading out for a walk to clear your head, try out a refreshing swim, treat yourself to a relaxing massage. Treating yourself kindly in the moments when you are most agitated can help alleviate stress and lift that bad mood cloud.
  • Set Priorities
    We even suggest writing them down. Make a long list of all of the things that give you joy and satisfaction. Take a moment to absorb what appears at the top of your list and what falls at the bottom. Remember, when on a mission to change habits, use your favorite hobbies as a source of strength.
  • Identify Negative Patterns
    Do you use specific types of behavior as rewards. For example, ordering dessert or having an extra glass of wine? If so, bring a mindfulness to these negative but easy patterns and use intentional repetition and focus to avoid setbacks and resist temptation of negative habits.
  • Slow Approach
    Our top recommendation when building new habits is to start of small. A series of little successes is key in building a solid foundation for greater change. Plus, by showing yourself that change is possible, your confidence level increases enough to tackle larger tasks.

It’s not easy but at Elements Massage Tower and Hampden, bringing about positive change is a good thing. We are here to help you get in touch with your mind and body connection and promote overall health and wellness!

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